Dane Hill Moulding Knives
My name is Tim Olson and I own Dane Hill Woodwerks Inc. We
have been in business for 26 years. I have spent most of that
time making and installing mouldings, built-ins, and fine furniture.
I use a  Weinig profile grinder to grind and sharpen my own
knives, and as word spread to other local Williams and Hussey,
and Woodmaster owners that I had a grinder, it quickly turned
into my main source of income.
I still make furniture for some of my long term clients, as well as
a select few new customers, but most of my time is spent
designing and grinding moulding knives. I am very particular with
my attention to detail, and I assure you that you will be pleased
with the quality of my knives. We look forward to doing business
with you.